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NICU Training and Ladder Approach Modules for Occupational and Physical Therapists


“The manuals are very informative, easy to read & understand. They have helped me in explaining to others just what I hope to do & accomplish as a NICU OTR.”
-Jean Knis, OTR/L

"I found the Ladder Approach a great help for organizing my brain and creating a sense of “order” to how I think about approaching each infant. It lends to a more reassured and confident manner of treating infants when you have a structure to back you up. I recommend the Ladder Approach to both new and experienced NICU therapists. The Handouts included are helpful in guiding therapists as to what is important to communicate to parents and how to communicate that information.”
-Kesia Danner-Bowman, OTR/L

I have been using your Ladder Approach manual and have found it invaluable. My treatments are more organized and consistent. I wanted to thank you for providing an excellent resource.”
-Jennifer Carter, OT

“The NICU Training Module contains a great amount of NICU-specific medical information, all located in one handbook! This is a great compilation of the specialized knowledge needed to function safely and competently in the NICU.”
-Kesia Danner-Bowman, OTR/L

“I’m so grateful for your training module (this has been a priceless guide).”
-Farah Antoine-Mayberry, OTR/L

“Your training module has taught me a lot and I thank you for it. I hope to teach and train other’s with it.”
-Sonya Klune,OTR/L

“Just wanted to say thank you so much for all your help and advice you gave me. Your ladder approach rocks!”
-Emily Hills, Neonatal OT, London

“I really appreciate the usefulness of the training manual by Lisa. I was able to learn about Developmental Care in the NICU and learn the background and evidence. The manual was well organized.

I was able to understand and learn the Ladder Approach from the manual by Lisa. I keep them both handy to reference. On one of my site visits to a NICU, they use the manuals to train and orient new staff and students.”
-Lisa Olsen, OTR/L and post-professional Doctorate student

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